Ferrari Dino 308 GT4

Listed on Craigslist with the following description:

1976 Ferrari Dino 308GT4, Great Condition.$18,500 49K original miles, New paint, New interior, Azure blue, cream intertior. Original motor.

Another great deal on a Ferrari for UNDER $20k! When I saw this car on Craigslist today I couldn’t believe it. The Dino 308 is considered by most as the best handling of the 308 series Ferraris. The slightly longer wheelbase gives it a better ride. The pictures really don’t do this car justice. Here’s a picture of the interior:

Looks like the dream of owning a Ferrari just got closer for someone.

5 thoughts on “Ferrari Dino 308 GT4”

  1. Ok. The craigslist ad may not have been exactly accurate. The paint is at least 10 years old, -probably closer to 15 years. The interior isn’t new at all. The motor may be the “original” one but it’s definitely had machine work and I really doubt they use blue silcone sealer at the Ferrari factory. Some retarded mechanic couldn’t even get the cam caps in the correct location even though they have the numbers engraved on them from the factory. The motor runs pretty well but there’s absolutely no way there’s only 49K on it. The trans is pretty worn and noisy….bits o’ gear came out with the trans oil when I changed it.
    Ok…the “dream” of owing a Ferrari is now rather uncomfortably close to me…it’s at the end of my driveway.

  2. hi,i bought a ferrari 308 gt4,1978 for £10,000 british pounds,i replaced the water and fuel pipes,gave it a full service and it has been brilliant,i cannot fault the car at all.

  3. I’ve had a 308GT4 Dino for 12 years, they are generally very sound as long as you buy one with no rust (I bought mine when I was living in California) But you need to treat them carefully, always warm it up carefully, always do the routine maintenance, don’t save on the little bits. If you do have a big bill, it can be massive. I have just had a full engine rebuild (by a ferrari specialist) due to a cracked liner which is very unusual (£10K). I had the chance to check out everything else, and despite my car having 70K none of the bearings where worn out (changed anyway) the ring gaps were still in tolerance, and the valve seats were still great. So if we hadn’t had the liner problem the engine would have gone on unopened for tens of thousands of miles. The guy is right about some things though, they handle and ride brilliantly, much better than the later 308, many FOC members have one specifically as a track car.

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