Why Your Bargain Exotic Needs You To Buy An Air Compressor

Normally, we’re all about the deals on exotic cars here on BargainExotics.com. A steal on a Ferrari, Porsche or Bentley is what we’re constantly on the lookout for. However, an interesting side of the equation for most people looking for a bargain exotic, is the maintenance side of things. Let’s face it, exotic cars come with exotic level maintenance prices.

One thing I learned early on in Ferrari ownership was there are a heck of a lot of things you can do yourself. Simple things such as oil changes through complex jobs like the engine out service are doable by most home or weekend mechanics with the tools, time and unction to research online.

On that note, one of the handiest tools for all things automotive, as well a bunch of other household tasks, is an air compressor. I’ve found having an air compressor on hand with even just a few air tools is indispensable for tackling auto repair and maintenance jobs, even repair on trailers. Plus they’re just dang cool to use.

Here are 3 uses for an air compressor in your garage.

1. Maintaining your vehicles tires. From tire pressure to tire rotation, a compressor comes in mighty handy for basic tire maintenance which will reward you with extra life from the rubber meeting the road as well as the best gas mileage you’re going to get from that exotic…not that we care all that much about gas mileage, but every little bit helps.

2. Air cleaning, well, just about anything. A blast of air works wonders on many a dirty part from air filters to parts used in your engine rebuild. Even your garage floor will thank you for the swoosh of air that gets rid of the dirt and dust that’s collected on it.

3. As a tool set. Using an air ratchet wrench in a hard to reach place you just can’t quite get leverage on is a knuckle saver…literally. Not only can you use air tools as a replacement for a number of things in the average toolbox, you can also use ones that provide more specific control over how much pressure is applied. This is crucial in some cases to keep you from stripping out a part by overtightening.

Choosing the right air compressor is an entirely new topic to tackle. One suggestion while trying to decide what to buy is to rent a compressor or two. See what you like, don’t like, etc. If you’re in the UK, you can check out air compressor hire at Erento.